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What We Do

We are a well-being evaluation platform, producing data-driven insights based on people’s perceptions regarding different life domains. BBetter’s platform of digital surveys and analysis algorithms, is based on the science of well-being, allowing you to create a more conscious, people-oriented strategy- improving productivity, engagement, and economic growth.
Productivity & Retention

By knowing what’s important to your people, you can better utilize your resources and human capital

Better Decision Making

BBetter’s insights about what drives people, translate into a more rational and optimal decision-making process

Motivate your People

BBetter’s insights show what people actually feel and experience in their lives, emphasizing what motivates them

Engagement, Satisfaction & Belonging

BBetter’s insights improve how people see themselves as an integral part of your entity

Create a Roadmap to Success

Monitor your progress with BBetter’s tools and ensure you are heading in the right direction

How We Do It


We collect reliable data, while taking your specific drivers into account, to create a fast, effective evaluation of wellbeing in your organization.


We use our cutting-edge technology to analyze the collected data, crossing it with the science of wellbeing to identify early warning signs and potential successes in the near and far range.


We translate these insights into customized recommendations, that would enable you to address what really matters to your most valuable resource – your people.

About Us

The Story of BBetter

Our ultimate goal is to help entities of all sectors focus on the elements of life that actually affect people and shape priorities. Gaining such information provides organizations of all sizes with the ability to increase success, profitability, and productivity while making an actual impact on people’s lives and day-to-day experiences.

BBetter was born out of a combination of the science of well-being and urgent business needs. Two seemingly different worlds connected through the common denominator of a need to better understand people and to make better decisions. Without taking general well-being data & insights into consideration, the picture is half full and the glass is half empty. Our vision is to enable measuring impact on communities, businesses & organizations. We harness the science of well-being to produce a healthier, happier & more engaged culture.

Emily Neilson-Winkler

CEO & Co-Founder

Emily is deeply devoted to helping leaders and decision makers make better decisions for their people to maximize impact.
She believes that if you do good through good business, you will see how good business can be. She is a serial entrepreneur of innovative services companies that have an extensive background in market research, strategy formulation and a passion for international business development. Her goal as a young, female entrepreneur is to show young, bright minds throughout the world that nothing is impossible.

Dr. Anat Itay-Sarig

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

Anat's career has been devoted to measuring and improving well-being, with the goal of achieving real progress, not merely one that reflects in one or two domains. She has been researching in academia (where she still teaches), advising governments, working with municipalities, international NGOs and the business community. She is innovative in how she applies the well-being know-how to practical purposes such as understanding impact on SDGs or connecting well-being to organizational goals.

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