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Who We Are

BBetter is a technology and data science company that generates strategies to boost wellbeing.

What We Do

We measure and analyze wellbeing factors to improve decision making for companies, organizations and policy makers.


Your people through our gamified and customizable app


Early warning signs of pressing issues and your people’s needs, interests and strengths


Fact-based solutions to drive better decisions through our platform’s tech and analytics-driven view on wellbeing

Wellbeing in a Nutshell

Wellbeing is a framework composed of well-researched aspects of life and the understanding of how to improve them. Wellbeing aspects are interconnected and influence your strategies and policies both directly and indirectly.

Our Solutions

BBetter for Business

BBetter offers data-driven solutions for better business development. We utilize proven wellbeing know-how, sophisticated analytics…
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BBetter for Society

BBetter offers data-driven solutions for better policy making. We maximize the efficiency of your policies across wellbeing domains…
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