Our Solutions

For Business

BBetter offers data-driven solutions for better business development. We utilize proven wellbeing know-how, sophisticated analytics and business expertise to create tailor-made, state-of-the art solutions.

Market Place Analysis

BBetter evaluates wellbeing across your current and potential markets to develop market penetration and entrance strategies.

  • Identify key wellbeing aspects relevant to your market.
  • Understand the needs and desires that drive your current and potential customers.
  • Design strategies according to a real-time, bottom-up assessment of what works.

Wellbeing at Work

By analyzing your employees’ wellbeing, BBetter helps you optimize HR investments and increase employee productivity.

  • View a real-time account of your employees’ life circumstances and desires.
  • Engage your employees to better understand them, while seamlessly and iteratively improving their work experience.
  • Track the effectivity of your strategies to identify early warning signs and enhance employee wellbeing and success.